Thursday, January 10, 2019

Unto us a Child is Born

Christmas always seems in my mind "the glimmer."  Maybe it is because I've been a part of several Christmas eve candle light services, or the fact that I light zillions of pine scented candles in my home during the season.  I don't know.  What I do know is that when I think of Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind is that glimmer.  That small lick of flame that the darkness threatens to eat up, but can't.  It can't because wherever the light shines, the darkness immediately dissolves.

Then, slowly, the glimmer starts to grow.  Like the dawn, you don't notice it at first, but the light is expanding.  It takes over the darkness almost secretively until it can no longer be held back.  Then the light bursts forth in all its glory!

The hope Jesus brought, started out small, in infant form. It was only a glimmer of hope, really.  But the reality of his birth would destroy the darkness for ever.  In his birth was the awesomeness that now, God was with us.  He was one of us.  And ultimately, the Creator who became like his creation, would die as the sacrifice for them.  Because he loved them.  It is very cool.

We got to share this hope with the Akina Kid's Club kids this season, and it was a blast!  We enjoyed an amazing time of candlelit Christmas caroling, and several kids were even in a drama that told the Christmas story to their peers.  The students were also blessed with cookies and amazing gifts that were given by the generous people at Grace Church in Eden Prairie.  It was amazing because the students really caught on to the goodness of God, and the fact that He was with them this Christmas season.  Their wide eyes and thankful smiles spoke volumes.

We also were able to take several of the Minogi students to the Christmas service at Emmanuel, which they really enjoyed.  How fun to see these beautiful children grow in Christ!  We are so grateful to everyone who helps out and sacrifices time and money to share the Good News of Jesus with the Native families in the Twin Cities.  Their hard work is planting seeds that God can grow!  To God be the Glory!

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