Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Hills and Valleys (A Miraculous Tale of the Interests of God)

God is interested in you.  He is interested in me.  I notice this the most in the little things He does: little miracles that remind me that he is paying attention.  We often pray that God would display these little "miracles" in the lives of the urban Native American kids we work with.  Growing up in a broken environment, they need to know he is near them, and that he cares for them.  God answers those prayers often, and here is one example.

Karie (We've changed her name) has often struggled with making friends both in her community and at Kid's Club.  She has a strong personality, and exhibits behavior indicative of trauma.  She often pushes people away, but we love her, and in the last few years she has shown a real interest in the Lord.  She even prayed to receive the Lord during camp!  While she has her struggles, we were so blessed to find out her favorite song was one we sang at camp two years ago called "Hills and Valleys."

A few weeks ago was Karie's birthday.  It happened to occur the same night as Kid's Club, so we all sang "Happy Birthday," of course.  On the way home, she asked Dan, who was driving the bus, if she could listen to her favorite song, "Hills and Valleys, for her birthday.  Unfortunately, we didn't have a way to play the song on the bus.  He told her no, he was sorry, and that there was no way to play the song on the bus.  As the kids sat down, Dan started the bus and suddenly the beginning of the song "Hills and Valleys," began playing on the RADIO.  Perfect timing!  It was such a cool opportunity to reinforce the truth the God cared about Karie, and was interested in her life.  He was paying attention to her and wanted to specially bless her on her birthday!  It is something she will never forget.

God is interested in you too, and I pray that as you read this, you will encounter those little miracles in your own life.  The one who spoke only a few words and created the universe knows what is happening in your world, and better yet, HE CARES.  May our eyes be open daily to the blessings of the Lord.

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