Friday, November 17, 2017

Isaiah 58

Before you read this, read Isaiah 58.  Start at verse 6 if the first part doesn't apply, or makes you mad.  I realize I may be using the Bible to sway your opinion.  I am ok with that!  I have  been having a blast in our new literacy program at Akina.  The kids are fun, and so eager for attention!  We have been reading with kids at their reading levels to help fluency and comprehension, and reading aloud from "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.  It is an amazing time.  It is a perfect place to practice what God is talking about in Isaiah 58.  We have hurting, at risk kids hungry to know Jesus!  It is a huge open harvest field!

We need you!  These kids need you!  The more volunteers we have to lend an ear, build relationships, and actively disciple, the more amazing results we will see.  Are you interested in changing the world?  Our middle school crew would love someone to mentor them, as well as the preschool crew.  But we would love to work with anyone interested!  Thursdays start at 5:30, with dinner at 6, and discipleship at 6:30.  Contact us  at if you can make it.  Our Akina kids are looking for positive affirmation and strong role models!  Would you be the one?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I was extremely blessed by our Akina Kids Camps in Wisconsin this year.  I had the privilege of teaching the girls camp, and Dan was able to teach the boys.  One of my favorite things we did was a throw back to my Ft. Myers Master's Commission Days.  We talked about the woman who poured her perfume at the feet of Jesus.  This story alone is super powerful considering where some of the kids come from.  They deal with shame on a level I may never know.  Then, we gave them time in small groups to write down all of their pain, shame, and sin on  post-it notes which they  placed in small, cardboard boxes.  At the last lesson, as the students were given the opportunity to accept Christ, they were able to burn their boxes.  This was a way to symbolically offer their brokenness to Christ, and joyfully embrace the start of a new life!

I was amazed how much the kids wrote things down, and opened up about their lives.  God was so faithful, and when the time came to burn their boxes, it was a thoughtful and anointed time.  I am so excited to see how the Lord will continue his healing work through Akina Kids club this year.  What a blessing we have to remain in the community and keep telling these world changing kiddos about the love of Christ!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

O Canada!

Hello Partners!
We have had an amazing summer.  One of our most epic I think.  But of the highlights was our big trip to that strange, far away country of Canada.  Okay, so it really isn't that strange (although they have ketchup flavored chips and chocolate smarties), and it was only marginally far away compared to say, Australia.  But it was life changing on many levels.

We were invited to speak at Eagle Lake Bible Camp in Ontario during their "White Dog" week.  They had only read about us, and we had never met them.   The camp sounded interesting as they bussed in kiddos nearly three hours from the White Dog reserve to minister to them for the week.  The reserve is so secluded the only access is a one way road across a huge dam!

Our hearts are definitely for Native youth, but we have never written curriculum or even thought about teaching at a week long camp, but we felt God nudging us in that direction. The message God gave us was about restoration, while presenting a clear message of the Gospel through story telling and pictures.  Writing the curriculum was fun and a great way for Dan and I to work together.

Eagle Lake Bible Camp was a beautiful place filled with amazing, committed believers who truly loved God. The kids from the reserve were amazing too.  Many had stories that would break your heart.  It was great to see them respond to God's message of healing and restoration for them.  There were reports from many cabins of kids asking honest and thought provoking questions, and requesting Bibles.

So much happened during this week that I can't nearly write it all.  I will try to add more details later.  Until then, please pray for the White Dog reserve.  It sounded like they did not have an active church on the reserve.  Pray that God will finish this work of healing restoration in their lives.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Hi Friends,
     Wow!  It is already well into summer and we have been hard at work prepping for our upcoming events.  We've been writing curriculum for our upcoming camps, and our theme is "restoration."  We know that the Lord wants to heal and restore the wonderful children we work with.  We want to introduce them to Jesus, who loves them, and took their sin and shame!
 We just went down to Little Earth and had an amazing time registering kids for camp.  It was great to connect with them again.  Plus, nearly everyone was home (even the people who had moved out) which is miraculous, if you ask me!  We also were able to fill our ten scholarship spots for a sports camp happening at Emmanuel Christian Center in a few weeks, which was also an answer to prayer.  We are very excited for these upcoming events.  Please continue to pray for us and our family, as well as the community.  God is faithful, and he is doing great things!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Journey

It's Mid-April!  In Minnesota that is marked with greening grass, budding trees, and snow.  It also means that another year of Kid's Club is rapidly coming to a close.  It has been nothing short of amazing to see the students change and begin to listen eagerly to the message of hope and love presented to them each Tuesday night.  It tugs on our hearts and draws us onward to do even more work with them.
    Our dream of expanding our ministry and opening an after school/evening program continues to burn strong!  Here we plan on focusing on discipleship, literacy, and life skills.  Our hope is to see these amazing kids walk with God, become enfolded into the local church, and be empowered to break the cycle of generational poverty.  God can do it.
     We have many exciting events happening this summer, including the summer camp where we work with our Kid's Club kids; creating an exciting environment where they can connect with the Lord.  The camps are August 8-13.  Please pray for this fun event, for the Kid's Club kids, and volunteers.  Have a blessed spring!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord.

     One of my favorite things about Kids Club  is when I get to teach the kids about God.  It has been laid on our hearts to speak truth into their lives.  We see these kids as world changers!  After all, the Bible is full of stories of people with rough beginnings that God uses to lead nations, save entire races, and make marks on history.  One of the most powerful things we teach is that God has a plan for each and every student at Akina.  Last night, we talked about the fact that every day ordained for them was written down even before they were born.  God knows them and God wants them.
   Our memory verse for the night was Jeremiah 29:11.  It was a huge blessing for me to hear 25 kids, in chorus repeat the TRUTH that God has plans to prosper them, to give them a hope and a future.  An amazing answer to prayer is how attentive the kids have become to the lessons.  Please pray with us that these truths are sinking deep into their souls, and that the word of God will change a generation!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Super Sunday, Akina Kids Club, and Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow speaking at Emmanuel

Boys from Dan's small group at Akina Kid's Club at church on Super Sunday!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Prayer Works!

Dear Partners in Ministry,
     We are so thankful for everyone who prays for us on a regular basis!  We KNOW you are because God is doing great things at Akina Kids and at our regular Bible study too.  The kids on Tuesdays nights have been so attentive during lesson time, and are really connecting to their small group leaders, being discipled in Christ.  Thursdays have been great discussions about the validity of the Bible using the Answers in Genesis curriculum.  Kids are learning about God's real and true love for them, and their hearts continue to soften towards the Lord.
     Last night's Kid's Club message was about choices-some choices can lead us into the wilderness; a
place we were not made for.  The choices to follow God's ways lead us into a place of freedom and success. The kids we work with are bombarded daily with choices that could be very destructive to them.  Many of the kiddos responded very positively to this message, and were able to relate to it on a lot of levels!
     We were also able to travel to Glidden,Wisconsin to continue spreading the word about our ministry in South Minneapolis, and meeting new partners in ministry.  We were so blessed by the congregation there and their generous support.  They even purchased fabulous young ladies devotionals for us to give to the elementary and teenage girls we work with!  It was such an encouragement to know that more people are praying for us, and caring for the community we work with.
    Please continue to pray for us as we raise support for our after school program beginning this fall!  Prayer works!  Please pray that the Holy Spirit continues to move in the Native community, bringing salvation and healing.  Also, pray for us as we follow after our God given vision for the community:  that Native Americans would thrive, both in life and in their walk with Christ!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

God's Love is Real

Hello Partners in Ministry,
   We pray that you had an amazing Christmas, and are jumping into this new year with great joy.  It is snowing a lot in Minnesota, making travel interesting to say the least.  In Kid's Club this week we are talking about how the love of God is so very real.  Our memory verse for this week is John 3:16, and although seemingly simple, is full of power!  "For God so LOVED the world, he gave his only son."    It is such an amazing blessing to teach these lovely children from Little Earth about the perfect love of God.  A love so real and strong that God was willing to sacrifice his son, his innocent, dearest love, for us.  It was for US, who deserve the punishment that Christ took!  And in return, all it takes is simple belief for our salvation.       This is a freeing truth for children who may be broken, and burdened.  As they accept and feel the love of God, they begin to have joy and hope!  It is amazing to see the changes in their lives. What a blessing to tell and show this to our kiddos every Tuesday night.  Please continue to pray with us as we raise support. so we can expand this amazing program!  Thanks for your prayers, and we are praying for you!