Thursday, August 31, 2017

O Canada!

Hello Partners!
We have had an amazing summer.  One of our most epic I think.  But of the highlights was our big trip to that strange, far away country of Canada.  Okay, so it really isn't that strange (although they have ketchup flavored chips and chocolate smarties), and it was only marginally far away compared to say, Australia.  But it was life changing on many levels.

We were invited to speak at Eagle Lake Bible Camp in Ontario during their "White Dog" week.  They had only read about us, and we had never met them.   The camp sounded interesting as they bussed in kiddos nearly three hours from the White Dog reserve to minister to them for the week.  The reserve is so secluded the only access is a one way road across a huge dam!

Our hearts are definitely for Native youth, but we have never written curriculum or even thought about teaching at a week long camp, but we felt God nudging us in that direction. The message God gave us was about restoration, while presenting a clear message of the Gospel through story telling and pictures.  Writing the curriculum was fun and a great way for Dan and I to work together.

Eagle Lake Bible Camp was a beautiful place filled with amazing, committed believers who truly loved God. The kids from the reserve were amazing too.  Many had stories that would break your heart.  It was great to see them respond to God's message of healing and restoration for them.  There were reports from many cabins of kids asking honest and thought provoking questions, and requesting Bibles.

So much happened during this week that I can't nearly write it all.  I will try to add more details later.  Until then, please pray for the White Dog reserve.  It sounded like they did not have an active church on the reserve.  Pray that God will finish this work of healing restoration in their lives.