Wednesday, March 8, 2017

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord.

     One of my favorite things about Kids Club  is when I get to teach the kids about God.  It has been laid on our hearts to speak truth into their lives.  We see these kids as world changers!  After all, the Bible is full of stories of people with rough beginnings that God uses to lead nations, save entire races, and make marks on history.  One of the most powerful things we teach is that God has a plan for each and every student at Akina.  Last night, we talked about the fact that every day ordained for them was written down even before they were born.  God knows them and God wants them.
   Our memory verse for the night was Jeremiah 29:11.  It was a huge blessing for me to hear 25 kids, in chorus repeat the TRUTH that God has plans to prosper them, to give them a hope and a future.  An amazing answer to prayer is how attentive the kids have become to the lessons.  Please pray with us that these truths are sinking deep into their souls, and that the word of God will change a generation!