Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Prayer Works!

Dear Partners in Ministry,
     We are so thankful for everyone who prays for us on a regular basis!  We KNOW you are because God is doing great things at Akina Kids and at our regular Bible study too.  The kids on Tuesdays nights have been so attentive during lesson time, and are really connecting to their small group leaders, being discipled in Christ.  Thursdays have been great discussions about the validity of the Bible using the Answers in Genesis curriculum.  Kids are learning about God's real and true love for them, and their hearts continue to soften towards the Lord.
     Last night's Kid's Club message was about choices-some choices can lead us into the wilderness; a
place we were not made for.  The choices to follow God's ways lead us into a place of freedom and success. The kids we work with are bombarded daily with choices that could be very destructive to them.  Many of the kiddos responded very positively to this message, and were able to relate to it on a lot of levels!
     We were also able to travel to Glidden,Wisconsin to continue spreading the word about our ministry in South Minneapolis, and meeting new partners in ministry.  We were so blessed by the congregation there and their generous support.  They even purchased fabulous young ladies devotionals for us to give to the elementary and teenage girls we work with!  It was such an encouragement to know that more people are praying for us, and caring for the community we work with.
    Please continue to pray for us as we raise support for our after school program beginning this fall!  Prayer works!  Please pray that the Holy Spirit continues to move in the Native community, bringing salvation and healing.  Also, pray for us as we follow after our God given vision for the community:  that Native Americans would thrive, both in life and in their walk with Christ!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

God's Love is Real

Hello Partners in Ministry,
   We pray that you had an amazing Christmas, and are jumping into this new year with great joy.  It is snowing a lot in Minnesota, making travel interesting to say the least.  In Kid's Club this week we are talking about how the love of God is so very real.  Our memory verse for this week is John 3:16, and although seemingly simple, is full of power!  "For God so LOVED the world, he gave his only son."    It is such an amazing blessing to teach these lovely children from Little Earth about the perfect love of God.  A love so real and strong that God was willing to sacrifice his son, his innocent, dearest love, for us.  It was for US, who deserve the punishment that Christ took!  And in return, all it takes is simple belief for our salvation.       This is a freeing truth for children who may be broken, and burdened.  As they accept and feel the love of God, they begin to have joy and hope!  It is amazing to see the changes in their lives. What a blessing to tell and show this to our kiddos every Tuesday night.  Please continue to pray with us as we raise support. so we can expand this amazing program!  Thanks for your prayers, and we are praying for you!