Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The God Who Always Stays

This year for Kid's Club on Tuesday we nights, we our focusing on the theme that God will never leave us, nor forsake us.  This is such a powerful truth in the lives of children who may have been abandoned.  (AND not just children!  This is powerful even for me to learn again!)  Last night I was teaching about how Jesus wants us to be part of his family, and when we are, he will never leave.  This is true even if our parents have left us!  A little girl, no more than 6, piped up, "My mom is in prison!"  I know she wasn't the only one in the room who was faced with this situation.   This is the reality that many of the kids who come to Akina face.
     Our verse this week was from John 14:18  It says: "No, I will not abandon you as orphans-I will come to you."  Jesus has not abandoned these beautiful children, and neither will we.  Your prayers and partnership continue to be such a valuable part of all of this- helping children and young adults have the chance to know Jesus, and find healing and peace.  Come visit us on Thursday as we continue learning from our Answers in Genesis Bible Study!  The Word of God will change your life!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Akina Kids starts Tuesday!

    Hard to believe fall is here in full swing!  We were blessed to visit Bemidji this past weekend and spend some time with other CIM missionaries.  It was refreshing to hear others hearts and vision for ministry that is being done all over Minnesota.  We were also blessed to attend an amazing church on Sunday, where the message was very encouraging! 

We are super excited that Akina Kids is starting up this Tuesday.  The kids usually arrive by 6:00 for dinner and learning about God's word.  Please pray that we are able to connect with a lot of kids, and that this first day runs smoothly.  We are looking forward to sharing God's word with them, and how much he loves them.  Please pray for more volunteers as well.

Women's and Men's Bible study is now on Thursday nights, starting at 6:00.  We are also having a "Thursday School" for kids as well.  The kids will be learning from "Answers in Genesis," while the adults will be studying Colin Smith's Unlocking the Story."  Every time we hear from Colin Smith, we learn something new and amazing about the Bible.  God's word always speaks to our hearts, right where we are!  If you are available on Thursday nights, we would love to see you.

Also, we want to extend a huge "Thank You" to the Grace Church volunteers who came and helped out during The Big Serve.  We really wish we could have been there, and are grateful for all the work they did, helping us get ready for Kids Club.  We couldn't do this without the your help!  Thank you for helping further the Kingdom of God.

Monday, October 3, 2016

CRU training and Akina Kids!

The last time I was in Florida on my birthday, I was turning 20.  Now, at 34, I was blessed to be there again.  Although, the former was the beginning of my grown up life, away from home in Ft. Myers Florida.  It was the beginning of a new journey.  This time was kind of the same-the beginning of a new journey into full time ministry!

We were so blessed by the many people who helped us get to the CRU training in Orlando.  Everything we learned was extremely valuable, and it helped clarify our vision and heart for the future of our family and Akina Church, as well as Akina Kids!  We are excited to continue to work with our ministry partners, and meet new people who have the call of God in the hearts to help spread the love of Jesus in South Minneapolis.  God is doing great things!

Also, coming soon- the restart of Akina Kids Club on Tuesday nights, beginning at 5:30.  We will be rolling out October 11th.  Please pray for a smooth start, and open hearts.  We could always use volunteers!

We are excited to be offering a Men's and Women's Bible study on Thursday nights, with a special kids program teaching the Answers in Genesis curriculum.  This night is geared towards families with a deepening emphasis on discipleship.  It is going to be an exciting time, and we'd love for you to join us at 6:00 PM, at Akina Community Church!