Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Fun in Farmington!

Could you imagine having someone in your family shot very near your apartment, and then being forced to walk past that location every day, due to the fact that you had nowhere else to live?  That is what one beautiful little girl and young man deal have had to deal with this past year.  We have had the privilege of working with them in Kid's Club.  Their older brother was shot several months ago, not to far away from their apartment.  He did not survive.  Yet in Christ, there is always hope.

We were so blessed to be invited to Christian Life church in Farmington near the end of August.  They invited some of our Kid's Club kids for a day of food, and fun.  The little girl I mentioned earlier was one of the kiddos who got to go.  The kids were able to play on their beautiful playground, eat some delicious tacos, and decorate cookies.  They could play with chalk, bubbles, and face paint.  It was an amazing time for the kids to be kids, in a safe environment, away from the city.  The other amazing blessing was it was all done in the name of Jesus! It was a moment to breathe and heal, for that little one, and others like her.   Now when the kids look back on their life, they can remember fun and love they were given on behalf of the Lord!

We give a huge "THANK YOU" to the ladies in Farmington who made this event possible.  The kids loved it!  Thanks for helping to create a moment of connection-where hurting kids can connect with the Lord through the kindness of others!

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